Leadership and Organisation Development Consultancy

Springblue is a leadership and organisation development consultancy working across sectors for global organisations, alone and in partnership with other consultancies. We focus on engaging people to experience sustained development and transformation.

Our work:

  • Global Leadership Development and Talent Management – Designing and delivering tailor-made, blended learning programmes supporting both personal and organisational transformation
Leadership Development
  • Developing a coaching culture – Creating sustained improvements in people management practice by embedding new attitudes and skills
  • Executive coaching – Offering a good balance of support and challenge leading to increased accountability and confidence 
  • Organisational change – Fostering agility by engaging the organisation’s collective intelligence to tackle real issues (See Springblue's approach to change slide deck in Useful Resources)
Action research
  • Action learning and Action inquiry – Supporting individuals and groups to explore real-life issues together, creating a holding environment for change, innovation and experimentation 
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